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RELO Direct®, Inc. is a full-service relocation management company, offering a wide range of mobility management services to support clients with employees on the move. With a history dating back to 1992, RELO Direct® has the systems, processes, and people in place not only to meet and exceed customer expectations, but also to effectively contain costs.


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RELO Direct® is dedicated to delivering the finest customer service experience. We will achieve sustainable growth and profitability by providing our clients the highest quality employee mobility services available today, while continually challenging ourselves to offer innovative cost containment solutions. Our mission is accomplished through superior industry knowledge, our consultative approach to conducting business, and a flat business model that promotes accessibility to clients and relocating employees. The value we bring to the relocation process explains why we have one of the highest client retention rates in the industry.


RELO Direct® believes that performance, value, and relationships are the heart of all business, and that success begins with the partner you choose. Everything we do for our relocating families and corporate clients is focused on those beliefs. By ensuring that all of our initiatives support these values, we continue to accelerate our business diversity, increase our performance rates, and provide substantial cost savings to our clients through innovative relocation solutions. Our core values – Collaboration, Leadership, Excellence, Accountability, and Respect – are the foundation of our organization and support these endeavors.

14th Annual Relocation Managers’ Survey© Relocation Management Companies Results

It is with great pride that RELO Direct® shares the results of the 14th Annual Relocation Managers’ Survey© – Relocation Management Companies, an independent, unbiased survey conducted by Trippel Survey & Research, LLC that included 37 companies. This organization and its surveys are highly respected within the mobility industry and we are pleased to provide the following highlights:

1. First year RELO Direct® was included in the survey

2. Achieved excellence in all five attributes (among 27 choices) that relocation managers believe are the most important to evaluate relocation management company performance:

Integrity (honesty, keeping commitments, consistent moral code and respectful)

Quality (consistent high standards of performance)

Data Security (technology and infrastructure to keep client data private and secure)

Trust (decisions made with the client’s interest in mind)

Service Recovery (when errors occur, the RMC fixes and implements process to minimize reoccurrence)

3. Achieved excellence in the following additional attributes: Responsiveness (reacting appropriately on a timely manner); Financial Stability (having solid financial resources); Value (your RMC provides high value for your dollar); Culture (a fit and alignment of your values with RMC’s values); Personnel (RMC’s personnel relating to experience – in relocation industry, tenure – experience on your account, caseloads – appropriate workload, authority – appropriate to make decisions on your behalf, and behavior – decisive, pleasant, well spoken, even temper, ethical, timely); Management of Policy Exceptions (when appropriate the RMC manages, reports, and establishes policy exception controls); and Willingness to Recommend the Supplier (the degree to which a corporate manager voluntarily – when permitted by corporate policy – is willing to recommend a supplier to another relocation professional).


The simplicity, alignment and elegance of our organizational structure, combined with well-defined process management, experienced personnel and an empowering culture, all make our company one that is easy to do business with.


The unique integration of real estate into our relocation service delivery through our parent company’s real estate brokerage network, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® (LeadingRE) assures cooperation with the finest local brokers.


Real estate is a local business where brokers and agents who build strong relationships with customers and the community top all statistical categories. As reported in the prestigious third party ranking REAL Trends and other data sources, the companies affiliated with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® are leaders in markets worldwide. This local presence and the relationships between your third-party supplier and those front-line real estate suppliers directly affect results.


RELO Direct’s parent company is Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®. LeadingRE is comprised of 565 companies in 4,100 offices in 65 countries around the world. Their 130,000 agents closed $368 billion in home sale in 2016 – the highest of any network and $62 billion more than the closest competitor.


Up to 1992, LeadingRE had served as a back-office specialty company offering services in the corporate relocation space. To fulfill client needs and requests for a high-quality fully-outsourced relocation provider, RELO Direct® was formed. Today, we provide a full complement of global mobility services and support to a diversified client base.

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