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RELO Direct® is proud a proud sponsor of the upcoming 29th Annual Relocation Tax, Legal, and Payroll Webinar Training presented by Ineo. Ineo is the premier provider of global mobility assignment management systems, and this webinar has been designed to provide exactly the information you need to help manage the legal, tax, and payroll aspects of your program more effectively.

Webinar sessions will be presented by Ineo Chief Compliance Officer, David S. Oltman, CRP; Ineo Senior Vice President Global Mobility, Katie Lenehan; and Claudia A. Howe, CPA, Partner with Global Mobility Tax, LLP.

Featured agenda items for the webinar include:

  • New 2016 domestic and global relocation tax issues clearly explained.
  • Discussion on FinCEN Form 114 (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) – Foreign Financial Assets Form (FBAR) – required to be filed by many transferees.
  • IRS Publications 54, 515 & 519 – Tax Guide for US Citizens and Resident Aliens Abroad. Dual status tax returns. Foreign Local Hires (FLH) tax issues discussed.
  • Easy-to-understand discussions on today’s complex global mobility issues.
  • Identify and avoid common tax pitfalls when moving into the US.
  • Address organization-wide reporting compliance requirements, and IRS “red flags.”
  • Set your strategy, update and communicate your tax policies.
  • Loss of mortgage deduction – $1.1MM mortgage limitation and AMT – transferee pre-move planning issues.
  • Non-qualified and restricted stock options effects on corporate relocation.
  • Understanding global technology and tax solutions.
  • Addressing the new 2016 relocation policy language that is required for all relocation programs.
  • How estimating assignment costs helps compliance reporting.
  • Year-end planning – the Importance of understanding your financial data sources.
  • Establishing your reporting eligibility list – critical steps for compliant reporting.
  • “Must-follow” steps for successful global year-end(s).
  • Rotational assignments, temporary assignments, domestic temporary assignments.

RELO Direct® is excited to sponsor this event and connect you with opportunities for education and information sharing. The webinar is available on two dates to fit your busy schedule: Tuesday, September 13th, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Eastern; and Wednesday, September 28th, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. For complete details on the webinar and to register, please visit Ineo at http://www.ineotech.com/news_events/webinars.aspx

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